5 little creams :)

5 little cream babies were born on 13th February to first time mum Elspbeth and dad Campbell – 3 sows and 2 boars. Am hoping one or two will be nice enough to bring out on the show bench in due course . Mum is being so good and attentive she’s being rewarded with fresh grass from the garden

Buffy the pirate pig

Buffy the Pirate Pig

Poor little Buffy the pirate pig is still not 100% better from her “eye”deal – but she’s gaining weight and enjoying the grass – one eye doesn’t seem to stop her grazing. Back to vets again next week for another post op check up – hoping it heals and doesn’t need further Surgery to re open it. Castle vets been fantastic though and cookie is looking after her friend well.


Highly Recommended: Castle Vets in Launceston