Chocolate Self Cavy and her 5 babies

Christmas Chocolates …

Best feeling ever – came home after a night away to find my huge chocolate sow who was due last Tuesday has littered 5 healthy little babies, have spent the next few next few days trying not to disturb her too much at moment.

5 little beauties now 2 days old 🙂 All strong, eating well and running around – mummy pig Liza has done amazingly well – she is very maternal making it look easy !!

Chocolate Self Cavy and her 5 babies

Baby Boom – Teddies and Chocolates

Baby boom – Ebony’s litter now 10 days old all chunky healthy little babies (cleaning out hutch hence they in box) and now first time mum Ava now given birth to 4 healthy huge pups (3 sows and a boar). Congrats Ava and Jasper.

The mummy pigs are doing well, feeding the babies and keeping them warm. Great to  see each ones character as they grow.